One of the more time-devouring aspects of committing to ethical consumerism is RESEARCH! It takes a great deal of energy to collect all of the information you need in order to decide whether or not to support a business. We hope to eliminate that stress by providing you with the following details about RETROVE's commitment to sustainability:

PACKAGING: RETROVE packages will never contain plastic. Here is a breakdown of all the packing items used, including information on how to repurpose or recycle each item:

  • Cardboard Boxes: These boxes are reusable and curbside recyclable. Make sure that the box has good structural integrity if you plan to re-use it for shipping (no weak edges, bent flaps, holes, etc).
  • Paper Tape: Instead of using plastic tape to seal boxes, RETROVE uses paper tape, which is curbside recyclable. There is no need to remove the tape from your box before recycling.
  • Wrapping Paper: We use 100% curbside recyclable Kraft Paper to wrap RETROVE items. Here are a few ways to re-use Kraft Paper:
      1. As a shoe stuffer: Crumple up the paper, and place it into the shaft of a boot to help it keep shape.
      2. As an art project placemat: Instead of using a plastic table cover when working on messy projects, repurpose your Kraft Paper as a placemat.
      3. D.I.Y. tags and cardsAny upcoming birthdays, holidays, or other celebrations? Cut a piece of your Kraft Paper to make a gift tag, or a handmade greeting card.
  • Ribbon: RETROVE uses 100% natural cotton ribbon, which is both biodegradable and compostable. If you choose to recycle it, please treat it as a "fabric," and recycle it accordingly. However, our preference is to tuck it into a craft box, and save it for future use. Here are some fun ways to re-use it:
        1. Gift Wrapping: Simply re-use the ribbon the next time you need to wrap a gift. Seal the handles of a gift bag with it, or wrap it around a jar of homemade goodies.
        2. Card Embellishment: Re-use the ribbon to create a border around a handmade card, or to tie a bow at the top of the card.
    • Notecard: Every package includes a curbside recyclable notecard made from 100% recycled materials detailing all of the package repurposing instructions. There is also a printed quote on the front of the notecard so that if you choose to do so, you can repurpose the card as framed home decor, or pin it up somewhere near your closet as a reminder to dress in a way that makes you feel most like yourself. 

      CARBON NEUTRAL SHIPPING: Customers are provided the opportunity to select Carbon Neutral Shipping at checkout using Cloverly. It usually costs less than $1 per order to make your shipment carbon neutral! Pretty cool. In our experience as consumers, we greatly appreciate businesses who offer Carbon Neutral shipping, which is why we felt it was crucial to include this option. 

      SOURCING: The vast majority (93-95%) of RETROVE inventory is sourced locally, in Southern California. We believe it is essential to support businesses and non-profit organizations in our community, and we aim to reduce the amount of resources we utilize to collect inventory. In addition, we feel it is imperative to inspect the items before adding them to RETROVE inventory, which is why we do all sourcing in person. About 2 times per year, we make sourcing trips to neighboring states. Items sourced from outside of California make up between 5-7% of RETROVE inventory. 

      COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH: Our commitment to sustainability is not limited to business matters. We do not see sustainability as a trend or something to market. Rather, we view sustainability efforts as a necessary part of everyday life. While we do not expect ourselves, or anyone else, to be perfect, we believe in our collective potential to make progress. Here are some great ways to practice sustainability in everyday life whenever possible: 

      • Choose delicious vegan foods.
      • Support local and ethical businesses.
      • Before buying something new, consider if you can repurpose something you already have, borrow, or find it secondhand.
      • Opt out of paper mail and e-mail subscriptions that you don't need.
      • Avoid food waste by storing fresh foods properly. 
      • Repurpose items such as pasta sauce jars, greeting cards, rubber bands, take-out containers, and twist ties.
      • Avoid single-use plastic.
      • Switch to refillable soaps, detergents, shampoos, and conditioners.
      • Collect plastic film to take to a recycling drop-off location.
      • Buy in bulk.
      • Choose reusable dryer balls instead of disposable dryer sheets.
      • Clear out digital clutter regularly (ex: deleting emails).
      • Question where and how you choose to spend your money.
      • Vote for politicians who advocate for environmental justice.
      If you have a sustainability tip to share, please let us know! We would love to hear about your earth-friendly choices.