You have what seem like unlimited options when it comes to buying clothing, so why shop RETROVE? Fair question, indeed. We have put considerable thought into this question, because we are acutely aware of the fact that the clothing and resale industries are highly competitive. Here is why we think we stand out, and we hope that you agree:

  1. SUSTAINABILITY & CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION are at the core of this business. Everything offered in the store is 100% secondhand, responsibly sourced, and packaged with the earth in mind. Read more about sustainability here.
  2. We are SELECTIVE about sourcing inventory. We closely examine each item before deciding whether or not it is in a condition that meets our standards (or has the potential to meet our standards through cleaning & mending) before offering it to our customers.
  3. We take the time to MEND clothing that might otherwise be considered undesirable, therefore saving garments from the landfill, and reducing needless waste. Sometimes, "undesirable" secondhand clothes are just one or two alterations away from being highly desirable clothes, and we see their potential! Then, we do the work of helping them meet their potential before bringing them to you.
  4. We LAUNDER each clothing item before listing it. The only exceptions are clothing made with leather, and some "Dry Clean Only" garments. We will only source these types of items in excellent condition, and you can decide if you feel it is important to have them professionally cleaned.
  5. We provide extensive product DETAILS on each item, including:
    • Measurements & photos
    • Information on fit, brand, and era
    • Notes on any special details and features
    • Details on any signs of wear
    • Laundering Instructions
5. We believe that THOUGHTFUL touches make all the difference. Sometimes, choosing to buy secondhand means that you sacrifice part of the experience you get from boutique shopping. However, we do not think that needs to be the case, which is why we are invested in providing you with a boutique experience that will not weigh on your conscience.  
If you have any questions about the information you read on this page, please Contact Us